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We use cookies on the East Innovations website to track user activity on the site and to enable various types of functionality. While we will endeavour to keep the list below updated, the site relies on many third party services and the list may therefore become out of date if those services alter the cookies they use.

Please note that all of these Cookies exist to enable functionality on the website and not for advertising purposes. If you do not wish these cookies to be tracked you can disable them in your browser, but this may negatively effect your experience on the site.

There are two types of cookie you may encounter when using this website:

First party cookies: these are our own cookies, controlled by us and used to provide information about usage of our site.

Third party cookies: these are cookies found in other companies’ internet tools which we are using to enhance our site, for example Facebook or Twitter have their own cookies, which are controlled by them.


First party cookies

Name Purpose
w3tc_referrer WordPress W3 Total Cache plugin cookie. Stores a session
ID needed to aid the website performance. Expires at the end of the session.
PHPSESSID Used by WordPress to identify a specific user session.
Expires at the end of the session.
wwsgd_visits Used by the “What Would Seth Godin Do” WordPress plugin to
display customised messages depending on whether a visitor has visited the
site before.
__jid Expires at the end of the session.

Third party cookies

Name Purpose
Cookies with names prefixed by __utm Stores information used by Google Analytics to track user
activity on the site.
UID, UIDR, CSCompanyWebSite, CSCompanyWebLang,
CSCompanyWebSession, CSCookieTest
Used by the comScore service to help measure audience
pid, k, guest_id, _twitter_sess, original_referer,
external_referer, js,
Twitter cookies which allow content from Twitter to be
shown on website pages and pages to be shared on Twitter.
disqus_unique, testCookie Used by the Disqus service to enable commenting on
__qca, mc, d Used by the Quantcast service to collect anonymous
information about your usage of the site. This information includes IP
address, referrer, search terms and time of use.
datr, lu, s, locale, c_user, xs Facebook cookies which allow sharing of a page on
JSESSIONID Used by the Viddler video hosting service to enable videos
to be embedded in the site.

If you have any questions or concerns about the cookies use on this site feel free to drop us a line and we’ll do our best to help.