Digital Transformation

“Companies who have integrated digital throughout the entire organisation are on average, 26% more profitable than their peers”


How digital leaders outperform their peers in every industry

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Digital Transformation

Technology can provide incredible insight into the needs and behaviours of today’s customer. And it’s today’s leaders who recognise the impact digital can have throughout their organisation.

The internet’s impact on business and even society cannot be underestimated. Established organisations such as Blockbuster, HMV and even Taxis have been ousted by new, digital services. Netflix, Spotify and Uber were all able to capitalise an their competition’s inability to adapt.

Where digital presents new threats, it also creates exciting new possibilities. By putting digital first, opportunities exist to outsmart competition, to identify or break into new sectors and to meet consumer expectations head on.

Digital Transformation can’t happen overnight. It requires expertise, time, investment and above all, leadership. Just as every organisation is unique, each path to digital integration needs to be tailored. This is where we come in.

The Benefits

Leveraging digital effectively throughout an entire organisation, or even starting with just one department has far reaching effects.
From increased employee engagement and efficiency through to improved customer journeys and loyalty, digital now touches every part of your business.

  • A culture of innovation

    Cultural change starts at the top but it certainly doesn’t end there. Developing a clear and simple message of digital excellence that cascades down from Executive Management throughout the organisation helps to create a sense of ownership and employee buy in.

  • Improved customer journey

    Understanding and mapping out how users interact with your organisation online exposes changes in customer behaviour and ensures that key decisions are made based on data, insight and analytics rather than gut instinct and assumptions.

  • Competitive advantage

    Few organisations have truly leveraged the benefits of digital. Those that have are outpacing their competition in every industry. They provide greater value to their customers, generating more revenue through employees and assets.

  • Increased internal collaboration

    Solving business problems can be complex and often requires input from more than one department. Creating teams that operate outside of traditional business silos helps to overcome these barriers, encourage knowledge transfer and collaboration.

  • An engaged workforce

    Digital tools help leaders and employees connect. Social channels, email and blogs provide platforms to share stories, successes and culture whilst also collecting feedback. All the while, data can be analysed to both measure engagement and to improve it.

  • Improved efficiency

    Newsletters that used to take weeks to design, print and distribute can now be created in less than 15 minutes and published online for a fraction of the cost. Tools like Slack improve internal communications whilst platforms such as Salesforce provide unprecedented customer insight.

  • Deeper data analysis

    Websites, social media, email marketing, podcasts – every digital platform provides data that can be interpreted and used to drive a business forwards. The key is in understanding how one impacts another and going beyond ‘followers’ and ‘likes’.

  • Increased customer loyalty

    Digital has removed many barriers to entry for business across the board and competition is just one click, one Tweet, one Google Ad or even just one Snap away. Customer expectations have changed and investing now will help to secure your future.

Starting Your Journey

Digital Transformation can’t happen overnight. It requires expertise, time, investment and above all, leadership. Just as every organisation is unique, each path to digital integration needs to be tailored. Here’s how we can help.

  • Review and Benchmark Digital Capabilities


    Through desk-based research, engaging workshops and structured interviews we help to benchmark your current position. We identify your strengths and weaknesses, before analysing threats and the potential opportunities made available by leveraging digital throughout your organisation.

  • Develop a Digital Strategy


    Once we know where you are in your digital journey, what assets you have available and who you’re trying to reach, we can develop strategies for improvement. Starting with a clear roadmap, we make sure that everyone is working towards the same goals, matching objectives with actions.

  • Implement


    Now it’s time to get down to business. We help implement the new tools and practices you will need to apply our recommendations. Working with you through a process of knowledge transfer to develop your in house capabilities and outsourced relationships, we become a part of your team.

  • Support Digital Transformation


    Digital moves at a pace unseen in any other industry. This means that to stay ahead of the curve requires on going, specialist insight and support. Through training and consultancy, we make sure your organisation keeps moving forwards and is well positioned to adapt to change positively.

Why Work With Us?

The rules of engagement have changed. In order to be relevant in today’s business environment, we all need to think ‘Digital First’.

We understand digital inside and out. We have the experience to manage what is a complex undertaking with far reaching effects both internally and externally. Executed correctly, activating the right thought processes and engaging the right people can mean that the effects of digital are positive. Without the right insight and direction a lot of work can result in very little change and a whole lot of frustration.

A key focus for us a consultancy is to truly partner with our clients. It isn’t possible to affect change on an organisational level as a service provider alone. It takes fully understanding an organisation, the difficulties it may be facing, it’s strengths and weaknesses along with potential threats and opportunities to leverage the incredible insight and power of digital. Get in touch today and we can get you started.

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