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We worked with Porsche Centre Bahrain for more than 4 years. We helped to launch their Facebook page in 2012, adding Instagram, email marketing and a tailored CRM system in 2014. As the first officially supported Facebook page for a Porsche dealership, we knew we had to get things absolutely right.

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Goals & Data

By setting strategic goals, constantly tracking data and making adjustments, we grew their Facebook community from nothing to over 80k. We made sure the results were cost effective too. By 2015, the average cost per acquisition for each new fan was just $0.19.


Across social, Porsche Centre Bahrain is currently the largest and most engaged luxury automotive brand in the country and the Bahrain Facebook page is now highlighted as best practice within Porsche’s global brand guidelines.

Porsche Brand Guidelines

A Part Of Our History

Early on, we rolled out the ‘Be A Part Of Our History’ campaign. A campaign developed for three main purposes. To launch the Facebook page, to engage with the public and to develop pre-qualified sales leads for the brand new Porsche Boxster.

Using Porsche’s Facebook page as the anchor, we created a unique application that allowed fans to sign up to have their names printed on the launch car. The more the user shared a unique link, automatically generated when they submitted their details, the bigger their name would appear on the car. The strategy here was to make sure that it was friends who were encouraging each other to join the page rather than the brand itself. We wanted Porsche’s social presence to be social.

By the end of the campaign, the names of over 1,000 users wrapped the Boxster and over 11,500 people had followed the page organically. Just over 660 entrants also ticked to be contacted about the car – representing a qualified group of direct sales leads. With an average 1200 likes, shares and comments on each post related to the Boxster, we knew we’d engaged with the right people.

While the car was on display, sign ups to the Facebook page increased by more than 370%. In just a 2 hour period, 1266 people were counted interacting with the car, taking photos, searching for their name or picking up flyers. Over 300 individuals also submitted their details for a chance to win a weekend test drive.

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