Our Brief

Dilmunia is a 125 hectare $1.6 billion development which lies off the north-eastern coast of Muharraq in Bahrain. At the time of designing the site the island had been reclaimed but none of the land had been sold to developers, our primary audience. We were tasked with creating a B2B focused site that would promote the development to both English and Arabic speakers.

Dilmunia Background

International Property Award

We designed the site to adapt to desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Although few organisations in the region were investing in responsive websites at the time, more than 40% of the traffic to dilmunia.com has come from people using iOS or Android browsers. Given that a number of the pages needed to be quite text heavy, this was an investment well worth making.

We created a corporate blog section to help with content-based SEO and to give users an insight into the developer behind the project. As part of a digital strategy, the intention was for articles to be posted on the site, updating the public with progress, to demonstrate expertise and to promote a sense of confidence.

The project was awarded the International Property Award for Bahrain’s Best Developer Website for 2013-2014.

Dilmunia Website International Property Award
Dilmunia Website on Mobile
Dilmunia Website on Tablet
Dilmunia Website Case Study - Seavillas


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