Deep Dive

One of the unique aspects of our involvement with BMMI over six years of working together has been the cross-divisional nature of our work. As we worked with each division and interacted with different departments, we noticed common threads and potential opportunities. Opportunities for growth, for cost efficiencies, for improving customer experience, for developing internal knowledge and more. With this in mind, we presented a case for change to senior management. A case for proactively embracing Digital Transformation from a customer experience and change management perspective.


Digital Audit

Taking a deep dive into all of the organisation’s digital activities from websites, through to social media and CRM, we interviewed key stakeholders to gain an understanding of each divisions knowledge and approach, benchmarking BMMI against international best practice. Starting in 2015, we developed a working relationship with Paul Boag, a renowned User Experience Designer, Service Design Consultant and Digital Transformation expert based in the UK. He has worked with British Gas, the RSPCA, Medécins Sans Frontier, the University of St Andrews and Shell. Rather than take this project on single handedly and with potential blinkers in place having been involved with BMMI for the time that we had, we brought Paul on board to bring his insight and experience to bear.


Strategy & Roadmaps

Reviewing BMMI with Paul highlighted a number of strengths along with areas for improvement with regards to BMMI’s approach towards digital. What we discovered was that, although these areas for improvement manifested themselves across the implementation of BMMI’s online presence, at their core, they each stemmed from one main gap. A lack of focused strategy for digital.
Based on this finding, our next step was to develop an overall digital strategy for BMMI Group. Creating a foundation for the organisation by prioritising people, whether these were customers or employees and detailing steps for positive change, the strategy starts by outlining a transformative and aspirational vision for BMMI’s future.
The document then details sequential steps to support BMMI’s development towards becoming a ‘digital by default’ organisation. An organisation that’s positioned to leverage the incredible benefits that a digital first approach has been proven to generate.
We all know that having a clear and well defined strategy is key to aligning an organisation. But it can often lack the detail necessary to take actionable steps.
With this in mind, we developed tailored roadmaps, including detailed initiatives for each of BMMI’s main divisions. Where the group wide strategy detailed concerns such as service standards, policies, governance and change management, the roadmaps provided tailored direction and actionable recommendations to ensure that the group was able to move forwards together and that no department lagged behind.
The six month project was the culmination of six years of working closely with the organisation, through digital projects, workshops, coaching and ongoing consultancy. It was incredibly rewarding to be able to create documentation based on real world findings and to identify a path to support BMMI’s continued growth into our digital world.

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