477% Revenue Increase

Alosra has been online since 2012. But ecommerce can be tough, especially for supermarkets dealing with fast moving consumer goods. Our brief was to make sure the site looked great, matching their newly relaunched branding, then get it to bring in revenue. Although we started with the site, we moved on to look at their digital offering across the board to support a process of constant user experience improvement. Improvement that doubled their online sales over 12 months and increased revenue by 477% over four years of retained consultancy.

Alosra Supermarket Amwaj

Identifying Objectives

To make sure the new site not only looked great but would make a difference to the company’s bottom line, we started with a research workshop to bring individuals from throughout the organisation together. By engaging with the team, from IT and marketing through to logistics and even HR, we brought different perspectives and requirements to light. We helped to identify and prioritise objectives. Objectives that we matched up with realistic, measurable KPI’s before pinpointing target audiences and mapping out customer journeys. By breaking down silos and sharing knowledge from different perspectives, we aimed to engage the team and to create a real sense of ownership of the project across the business.

Alosra Workshop
Alosra Workshop - Pav and Mark
Alosra Workshop Team


Identifying objectives and prioritising them against intended results gave us the ability to approach the project strategically. By carrying out internal workshops, external interviews, usability testing and analysing data, we were able to see how people were using the site. We then focused our efforts in to improving the service in areas that would have the greatest impact.

For example, check out the search box. It’s one of the first elements on every page and takes up significant ‘real estate’. Finding that 9 out of 10 users searched for produce multiple times during their journey gave us the evidence to make the search function a top priority.

Taking this a step further, we developed an advanced search. Rather than typing in a single product, waiting for the page to load, adding the item to the basket and starting again, a user can add multiple items and search for them all with one click. The results then load up with the top five items for each search term stacked one on top of the other on the same page.

Our aim was to go beyond making the site look good to making sure that it worked great, providing Alosra’s customers with an experience that met their increasingly developed expectations.

Alosra Website on iPad and Mac
Alosra Website on iPad
Alosra Supermarket Birdseye

Alosra Online


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